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Artist Statement:

I have only recently started to focus on my artwork & painting. In the past I have made & sold hemp necklaces, crocheted scarves, and beaded necklaces, etc. It wasnt until around a year ago that I've done much more than play around with random creative formats...Everything started when a coworker asked if I could do a commissioned painting for them. It was terrifying - trying to create something based on a request & hoping they liked it (they loved it by the way!). That experience has opened up a lot of opportunities & I couldn't be happier!


My painting style tends to lean towards the "pop art" genre...But I'm really just starting with a basic design idea & seeing where that takes me. I love to use bright colors along side crisp & detailed line work, for both the aesthetic appeal on the finished piece, as well as fending off stress & anxiety. Even when everything else is a mess - I can create a chaos free world on a piece of canvas - with all the color, nature & beauty that keeps me grounded.

The initial inspiration for most of these pieces tends to only make up a portion of the final painting; a funky planter in the shape of a female face, the cluster of mushrooms that pops up from a decaying stump after some rain, or even just a momentary fascination with the pattern of snake scales. It's a fun ride to start with something small & see what spirals out from one simple idea!

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