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It's 2023 my friends and we need to start it off right. And we couldn't think of a better way to do it than to announce our 2023 Artist in Residence. This year, we have chosen our very own Magdalyn Lee.

Mags work both in the chair, on the arm or on the wall is amazing and we want more. Her insanely successful show An Introduction in November showed how awesome this artist can be, and now we have a year of it.


About the artist:


I am an artist from the Dallas/Fort Worth area of Texas. I lived there for nearly nineteen years before moving here in 2021. I grew up homeschooled learning the most from my art teacher Miss. Tracy. She will forever be considered another grandmother to me and my biggest guiding hand in art. I focus mainly in a illustrative, brightly colored, surrealist style. I love doing artworks with exaggerated faces and proportions, as well as animals, flowers, organic abstractions and much more.”

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