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Sioux Falls native and self-taught artist who specializes in the airbrush and woodwork and also likes to dabble in other mediums. My art journey started early in my youth and has always been a passion, along with pushing the envelope with my creativity. Working in the art/antique restoration and then an artist for Aerostar/Ravens painting ballons, I was able to hone in on my skills and develop my own style. All of my work is freehand airbrush which is similar to graffiti, only on a smaller scale. Most of my art is influenced by the West Coast style with a flair for the weird and eccentric. Being versatile, always exploring new ideas and techniques is a must when it comes to creating for me. I never stay in one place too long, and the sky's the limit on where I can go. Along with being an artist, I'm also an art collector and a true believer in supporting other artists in all forms.

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