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Rachel Funk has shown her art at the Third Eye Gallery since the very first show I curated, The New New. Since then, it has been our honor to watch her grow as and artist and an influencer in the art world. With that in mind, we thought, why not let her be a guest curator? WIDE OPEN SPACES will feature artist of Rachel's choice along with her fantastic work. Jen Conners, Karan Kinder, Hanah Lynn and Caitlin Pisha, along with Rachel, will show their work in April starting with a First Friday opening April 4th with DJ Abbi Day.

Save the day, usual spoils of First Friday include first beer free, glizzys, music and love filled magic. See you then.

Look/Shop/Listen Local. Be Rad Not Sad.

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opening may 3rd 

Six years ago when I started doing shows with Vishnu Bunny, I made it abundantly clear that I love the art of Derek Meier and Lacey Eidem. I've tried to have them in a show every year, made Lacey our second Artist in Residence and gushed over their work for years. Well, they back. VAPOR BLUSH brings the dynamic duo back for a show this May. Lacey will be showcasing her new abstract work while Derek will be doing what he does best, laying down some of the best art to have ever graced our walls.

VAPOR BLUSH opens May 3rd with special DJ appearance by Pat Nelson.
All ages welcome, first beer free, glizzys, love filled magic. Bring a friend and make some friends.

Shop/Look/Listen Local. 

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