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Joseph Keating is a contemporary oil and digital painter and illustrator delving into subjects of sci fi and fantasy and the human figure featuring vibrant colors and “expressive naturalism”, art that follows color and light theory but manages to be vibrant in color and portray movement and life in the brushstrokes and linework. Keating’s art takes inspiration from the natural world and is inspired by his background in his studies of anthropology and biology and develops breathtaking worlds of fiction and appreciation of the body along with attention to both the big picture of his art and minute details. Joseph Keating received his bachelor’s in art from Augustana where he studied extensively under master Scott Parsons along with Tom Shields and John Peters. During his study at Augustana Joseph developed an appreciation for human anatomy and the beauty of the body with figure drawing classes constituting the bulk of his work in school. During school Joseph took part in three art exhibitions, in 2016 he participated in the Summer Invitational, in 2017 he partook in and helped install the exhibit “The Beautiful Symmetry of Bones” and had art featured in the 2017 Senior Show. After graduation Joseph Exhibited in the Museum of Visual Materials in their Faithe gallery in 2017 and 2018, exhibiting over 10 piece each time. 

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