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"Furly Art" Travis is a 47yr Schizophrenic Outsider Artist From San Marcos Texas.

He began sketching in junior high school, and began painting seriously in1989.

During my Thirty-0ne years of painting, I have developed a unique style using bold color and a strong sense of visual balance coupled with often dreamlike, sometimes comic themes. Working almost exclusively in acrylics allows me to work prolifically, and to date, I have sold over two hundred fifty paintings and sketches, been commissioned to create over eighty different pieces for

collectors, My works have been showed in art spaces all over central Texas, from galleries to boutiques and coffee houses My comics and sketches appeared regularly for many years in the Proper Gander, San Marcos' own art publication that traveled nationwide to reach art audiences.

He was also the subject for the annual Proper Gander Furly Portrait Contest, in which the winner got a self portrait by Yours truly. I have lived most of my life in San

Marcos, TX, where I paint,, .I love to enjoy the San Marcos River with my wife. 

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